Customer-Focused Growth Solutions

Better relationships = bigger bottom lines. We deliver data-driven acquisition and retention strategies that maximize lifecycle value.

Growth Marketing

Great marketing is inseparable from product UX. We're the only agency proven in both.

We’ve been building beautiful digital products for the world’s leading brands since the birth of the smartphone, and we know that a successful customer relationship requires a seamless experience in the app and out. This is more than growth hacking; we provide sustainable growth solutions that reach customers where they are.

Any growth agency can recommend a change to your user experience, but WillowTree can actually make it happen.

The right stack for every job

Deep Linking

Understand where your users are coming from, at what cost.

Data Platform

Your data made accessible, consumable, and actionable.

Product Analytics

Discover user friction points, journeys, and behaviors.

Engagement Platform

Orchestrate campaigns to reach the right people at the right times.

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Growth Marketing Services

Your customers deserve brand engagements as unique as they are. You define your North Star Metrics. We help define your customers by segment, behavior, and actionable insights.

I. Growth Discovery

Business Outcomes Workshops

Product-Market Fit Analysis

Behavioral Research

Customer Journey Mapping

Persona Development

Go-To-Market Strategies

Loyalty Program Development

A well-integrated ecosystem of growth tools unlocks the full potential of your customer data. We’ll help you select and implement the ideal growth tool integrations to fuel personalized, cross-channel experiences designed to drive ROI.

II. Growth Implementation

Technology Capabilities Gap Analysis

Growth Stack Integration and Optimization

Audience Segmentation Taxonomy

Data Management and Governance

Event Tracking Specifications

Marketing should be automated, personalized, and scalable. We put your growth stack to work with campaigns crafted to reach the right audience at optimal times. We use data to refine your audiences and optimize messaging performance in a virtuous cycle.

III. Growth Execution

CRM and Audience Management

Cross-Channel Campaign Orchestration

Marketing Automation


Campaign Ideation, Optimization, and Execution

Performance Iteration, Modeling, and Reporting

Your Growth Team

We bring together the right team for your needs — drawing from our experts in marketing, analytics, data science, product development, test engineering, research, strategy, design, and content.

Billie Loewen

Director of Growth

Jeremy Stern

Director of Product Analytics

Tom Havin

Growth Manager

Michael Freenor

Senior Data Scientist

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